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We’re glad you’re as excited about Allhomes Amplify as we are! We'll take a look at some of the most common questions about Allhomes Amplify, including:

    1. What is Allhomes Amplify?
    2. How does Allhomes Amplify work?
    3. How do I activate Allhomes Amplify?


What is Allhomes Amplify?

Allhomes Amplify is a digital advertising product that will help ensure your listings and your agency are seen more often and in more places by property seekers online.

Google Ads: Responsive ads across Google Display Network

For illustrative purposes only. Your ad may appear differently.

Allhomes Amplify advertises your listings to Google Display, Facebook & Instagram to cast a wider net and help potential buyers find your listings online through efficient and effective consumer targeting over an increased number of channels.

Meta: Facebook and Instagram in-feed & story
For illustrative purposes only. Your ad may appear differently.


How does it work?

Once you have Allhomes Amplify activated on your account, when your listings are loaded to Allhomes, six days later they will be pushed to the above three destinations as a digital advertisement.

With an Allhomes Amplify subscription, all you have to do is send your listings live and Allhomes will do the rest. Once your listing has been uploaded it will automatically be queued for an Amplify campaign and your listing will be ‘Amplified’ 6 days after your listing is visible on Allhomes.

Your listings’ Amplify ads will appear on the platforms mentioned for 10 days, plus 2 days for ‘sale or auction reminder’, plus 2 days once sold. That’s a total of 14 days.



I’m in! How do I get started?

Just like all other Allhomes products and subscriptions, your Allhomes Account Manager will be your first port of call.

Simply contact your Allhomes account manager to discuss an Allhomes Amplify agreement and have it set up on your account.


Allhomes Amplify FAQ’s

How do I enable Allhomes Amplify?

Simply contact your Allhomes account manager to discuss an Allhomes Amplify agreement and have it set up on your account.

How long does it take for an Amplify campaign to commence?

You Amplify ad will start 6 days after listing is sent live on Allhomes.

Where will my Amplify ads appear?

Each Allhomes Amplify campaign will include a 14 day digital marketing campaign with ads displayed on Facebook, Instagram and Google Display Network.

How long will my Amplify campaigns run?

For each listing campaign, the duration is 14 days:
- Amplify Exposure - 10 days
- Sale or Auction Reminder - 2 days
- Sold - when the listing is sold - 2 days

What’s the timeline?

- Your listing is uploaded to Allhomes
- After 6 days your listing will be advertised on the platforms mentioned above
- Sale listings: After 21 days of your listing being loaded a ‘Sale Reminder’ will be advertised
- Auctions listings: 7 days before the auction date an ‘Auction Reminder’ will be advertised
- Once your listing has been marked as Sold, a ‘Just Sold’ ad will run for 2 days

Will all my listings be Amplified?

Yes. Once you have Allhomes Amplify set up, all listings will have an Amplify campaign scheduled automatically. So, if you have any listings you don’t want Amplified, you’ll have to downgrade it within 48 hours from when it’s sent live.

Will my existing or current listings be Amplified?

No. Once you have Allhomes Amplify enabled, it will only work on new listings uploaded after the agreement has been activated.

How much does Allhomes Amplify cost?

Contact your Allhomes Account Manager for pricing details. We are unable to publish prices in the Help Centre as they can change over time. Listing prices will also continue to be available in Allhomes Agent Portal on the Check Ad Price tab.

Is Amplify available for individual agents?

Yes. Allhomes Amplify agreements are available at agency and agent level. If your agency enables Amplify then all listings uploaded agency wide will have Amplify activated. If your agency does not have an Amplify agreement, then individual agents can also enable Amplify for their listings only.

Is Allhomes Amplify available for sales and rentals?

For now, Amplify is only available for sale listings.

My listing has sold after my Amplify campaign has commenced

If your Amplify campaign has already started and your listing is sold or leased, you can send an email to to have your ad removed from the various platforms. No credit or refund will be issued for Amplify campaigns that are stopped early.

My listing has sold prior to my Amplify campaign commencing

If your listing has sold before your Amplify campaign has started and after the 48 hour downgrade period, your Amplify ad will still run. The ‘Auction/Sale reminder’ campaign will be changed to a ‘Just Sold’ campaign. No credit will be applicable in these instances.

I have an issue with my Allhomes Amplify ad

If you’re experiencing any issues with your Amplify campaign, report it directly by emailing

How do I know if my Allhomes Amplify ad went live?

You will receive a confirmation email alerting you when the campaign has gone live and another when the campaign has ended.

You’ll also receive detailed, real-time reporting showing how your Amplify campaign is performing once the campaign has ended.

Can I downgrade or cancel my listing’s Amplify ad?

If you have a listing that you don’t want to Amplify, bookings can be downgraded for individual listings within 48 hours of going live.

To downgrade or cancel Amplify for a listing see this article for more details: Downgrade or cancel Allhomes Amplify

Can I make changes to my Amplify ad?

Once your Amplify ad goes live no further updates or changes can be made.

Will updates to my listing also update my Amplify ad?

Any changes made to your listing before the Amplify ad goes live will be updated on your Amplify ad, however once your ad goes live no further updates or changes can be made.

How is my Amplify ad created?

Your ad will be generated automatically using the images and details uploaded in your listing.

How will I receive my report?

The assigned agent/s (and optional admin team member) will get an email confirming the campaign has commenced. In the email, there will be a link to your Amplify report. You will also receive an email once your campaign is completed.

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