Clone new development child listings

How can I use the clone tool to create more new development child listings?

To create additional listings for your new development project, use the clone tool in Agent Portal.

The New Developments clone tool can help you quickly create a new variant of an existing child listing to advertise stock similar to what you’ve already advertised.

If you have a child listing that already has content uploaded, you can clone it and then update it to suit the new listing.

To make it quick and easy for you to create more child listings for your project, rather than having to create each listing from scratch, you can use the clone tool by following the steps below.


  1. Log in to Agent Portal and click My Sales.


    If you’ve just created your first child listing and still have it open, click My Sales from the top tabs menu.


  2. Click New Development.


  3. Select your project.


  4. Click Child Listings from the side menu.


  5. Any child listings created for this project will appear in this stocklist. Click Clone from the Action column on the right.


  6. A new child listing will have just been created and can appear above or below the original.

    Click Edit in the Action Column.


  7. Update the Advertising Title (optional), Child Listing Title and leave Number of units as 1. Click Save.


  8. We now have to update the listing details and images. Click My Sales in the top tabs menu.


  9. Find the listing you just created using the clone tool and click the name-title.


  10. This will open the listing so that you can start making changes. Click Edit in the Property Details section or use the side menu under the Listing heading to update only the sections you’d like to update.

    Return to the Create child listing article and follow the steps to update the cloned listing.

    Click Display to Public when done.



You have now cloned your new development child listing.

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