Where do new dev logos and images appear?

Where do new dev logos and images appear?

When you’re creating a Project you will enter the Project’s name, headline, summary, key selling features as well as images, logos and other media.

You may be wondering "Where, exactly, do these appear?"

We’ll show you where the following items appear on your new development project search results, details page and child listing page, and also where you would have entered them in Agent Portal.

  1. Development logo
  2. Development name
  3. Tagline
  4. Header background colour
  5. Thumbnail images
  6. Child listings
  7. Hero image
  8. Development video
  9. Child listing’s first image
  10. Advertising title
  11. Child listing title

New development listing appearing in New Homes search results:



New development project details page:


New development child listing appearing in the Buy search results:



New development child listing details page:


Here’s where these items come from in Agent Portal

- New development project information


- New development project media section



- Create/edit child listing record


- Child listing photos


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