Allhomes Amplify Report

How can I see a report for my Allhomes Amplify campaign?

A link to the report will be sent via email to the assigned agents (and admin team upon request).

When an Allhomes Amplify campaign goes live, the agent or agents assigned to the listing will receive an email containing a campaign report link to the Allhomes Amplify report.

An optional admin team member can also be added to receive the email. To add an additional recipient send an email request to

The reporting link will be sent when the campaign goes live, and again when the budget is exhausted, and campaign is complete. The report is updated twice in a 24 hour period.

Facebook metrics include Instagram impressions and clicks altogether.

The Allhomes Amplify report will allow you to view engagement on the property listing, including:

  1. Number of enquiries
  2. Number of phone calls
  3. Adding inspection of auction times to calendar
  4. Views of photos, video, map, etc.

You will also be able to:

  1. View Amplify ad variations
  2. Share Amplify report with your vendor
  3. View site visitor demographics

Website engagement metrics are only from seekers who clicked on the Amplify ads.


Let’s take a look at the different sections of your Allhomes Amplify report.

Group 2 (1).png

  1. Dropdown selector to view Sale/Sale reminder performance separately or together
  2. Total impressions, clicks & enquiries
  3. Campaign progress bar plus Social Likes/Shares
  4. Send report to your vendor
  5. View all variations of the Facebook & Display ads
  6. Social media commentary on social ads
  7. Impressions and clicks by channel
  8. Actions taken by seekers on the property site after clicking on the ads
  9. Demographic data of site visitors
  10. Geographical location of site visitors

Performance Summary
This shows how many times an ad has been shown online and clicked, and engagement and enquiries attributed to the Amplify campaign, as well as demographic details of site visitors.

Impressions - Number of times an ad were shown online
Clicks - Number of times an ad was clicked

The web engagement metrics are actions taken by visitors who clicked on the Allhomes Amplify campaign.

Total visits - All visits to the property page

Enquiries - How many email enquiries and phone calls made to the Agent. This can include a Reveal Email or Call when they opened an enquiry form.

Call/Number Reveal - How many clicks to call from a mobile device or click to reveal call details to record and ring later.

Add to Calendar - How many seekers added an upcoming inspection or auction time to their personal calendar

Engagement - How many times a seeker clicked on a property photo, floorplan, map or video.

Saves & Shares - How many times a seeker has:
- Saved the listing to their shortlist
- Emailed the listing to friend
- Shared via social media

Demographic + Device Summary
Shows the age breakdown, gender and device used, when available. It also shows the geographic location of site visitors (not necessarily who was targeted). While there can be visitors from out of the target area, media budget is never used for out of area.
Note: We do not target internationally, but on occasion, a seeker may be shown as being from overseas. This may be because they are using a VPN which does not match their location, a seeker has shared the listing with them, or they are searching properties in this region. However, rest assured, the campaign budget isn’t used.

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