Using Allhomes Inspection Planner

How does Allhomes Inspection Planner work?

You can add listings to your planner by clicking Add to Planner in the Inspections section of an Allhomes listing.

We'll show you how to use the Allhomes Inspection Planner to help plan your open home inspections.

Inspection Planner, available on the Allhomes website and Allhomes App, helps property seekers track which houses are open when, navigate between properties, and keep notes on which ones they liked best.

If you’re not signed in to Allhomes, you will only be able to add a maximum of two properties to your Allhomes Inspection Planner, however, if you’re signed in, you can add more.

Properties must also have inspection times published on the listing.

I’m using desktop

Once you’ve found a listing you love, scroll down to the Inspections section just below the Property Description.

If inspection times have been published they will appear here.

Click Add to planner.


In the top tools menu click Inspection Planner to see you saved properties. This button will be visible on all pages.


You will find your saved listings in date-time order.


  • Click the dates along the top to view each days activity
  • Click on the listing summary details in the left side menu to view the property
  • Click Directions to get directions in Google Maps
I’m using the Allhomes App

Once you’ve found a listing you love, scroll down past the map location and tap Put in my planner.


In the bottom menu click Planner to see you saved properties.


 You will find your listings in date-time order. Tap the dates to view each days activity.


  • Swipe from the bottom up to see all inspections
  • Tap on the listing summary details to view the property
  • Tap the trash icon to remove the property

Tap Get Directions to get directions on your phone’s map.


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