Duplicate staff members on Allhomes

Why are our staff members duplicating?

Likely cause: Staff member details have been updated on your CRM

If you notice duplicate staff members on Allhomes, it’s most likely due to a change in their details entered via your CRM.

When you publish a listing via your CRM, if you have an agent assigned to that listing, the agent's contact details will be loaded with the listing details.

When we receive and process the listing, our system automatically creates a new profile for that agent in your Current Staff list.

Note: If we receive a listing and the agent's details are not an exact match, a new profile for that agent is created.

Any further listings with the same contact details will assign the same agent.

Our system is designed so that if we receive a listing and the agent's details are different to what we already have in the Current Staff List, a new profile will be created for that agent. Even if the details are slightly different.

The reason for this is to allow for when agents need to have different profiles for the same agent.


How do I fix duplicate agents?

Duplicate agents can be resolved simply by removing the duplicate agent.

  1. Login to Agent Portal. Determine which profile needs to be removed.
  2. Re-assign any listings to the correct agent profile.
  3. Remove the duplicate profile.

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How to prevent further duplications

Ensure that no inadvertent changes are made to your agent contact details to prevent further duplications.

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