Listing Performance Report overview explainer

What are the different sections of a Listings Performance Report?

Let's take a closer look at the different elements and sections of the Listing Performance Report.

See this article for more details about the Allhomes Amplify report.

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  1. Date range selector

    When you first open your report, by default, the report will show the time range for the whole campaign (campaign start date - now).

    Click the date range button to select a period of time; Click Last 7 days or Last 30 days, or use the calendar to select a date range then click Apply. The report will now show you results from within the date range you have selected or chosen.


  2. Performance Summary

    This shows information on property views and user engagement.


    Views - The total number of times a property searcher has clicked on the property listing (in the search results) to view the property details page.

    Enquiries - The total number of times a user has attempted to contact an agent or agency about a property. This includes the total number of 'click to reveals', calls from mobile and enquiries sent via email form or app, agent and agency profile views, saving auction and inspections dates, viewing directions, booking an inspection, and applying online.

    Engagement - The number of high-intent actions a property searcher has taken on your property detail page including: photo views, map views, video views, floorplan views, and virtual tour views.

    Saves & Shares - How many times a user has:
    - Saved the listing to their shortlist
    - Shared the listing via email, social media or SMS
    - Shared via Property Alerts

  3. Views performance graph

    Red line along the graph shows Allhomes views per day for this listing. Hover on the line over the date to see how many views were recorded for each day.

    Coloured lines along the bottom of the timeline indicate when products or upgrades were active. The legend on the left indicates what type of upgrades or marketing it was.


    How it's calculated
    Views refer to the number of times a user has interacted with your property on a search results page. This consists of property views, which is the number of times someone clicked on the property card to land on the property details page.

  4. Enquiries Performance Graph

    The Enquiries graph shows a breakdown of enquiries over a daily timeline. Enquiries are calculated as the total number of times a property searcher has attempted to contact an agent or agency about a property.

    Email enquiries are the total number of enquiries received that day via email.

    Other enquiries is the sum of all other metrics we consider as an “enquiry” to the property. This includes the total number of 'click to reveals', calls from mobile, agent and agency profile views, and saving inspection times.

    Hover on a date to see the number of enquiries for that day.


  5. Audience by Device summary

    Shows the percentage of device types that were used to view the listing over the selected time period (desktop, mobile device or tablet). If property searchers are using a smartphone on either the mobile site or the Allhomes app, these will both be counted under ‘Mobile web and app’




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