What are the different sections of a listing Campaign Report?

What are the different sections of a listings Campaign Report?

 Let's take a closer look at the different elements and sections of an Allhomes listings Campaign Report.


  1. Performance Summary

    This shows information on property views and user engagement.

    Views - The number of times the property details page has been viewed.

    Engagement - How many times the user clicked on or interacted with something whilst viewing the property details page eg: photos, map, floor plans.

    Saves & Shares - How many times a user has:
    - Saved the listing to their shortlist
    - Printed the page
    - Emailed a listing to a friend
    - Shared via social media.

    Enquiries - How many times a user has sent an enquiry to the agent.

    Property Alert - How many users viewed a listing from their Property Alert

  2. Device Summary

    Shows what percentage of page views were from various platforms - Mobile, tablet or desktop computer.

  3. Views & Listings Products Upgrades

    Red line shows Allhomes views per day for this listing
    Coloured lines along the bottom timeline indicate when products or upgrades were active. The legend on the left indicates what type of upgraded or marketing it was.

  4. Enquiries Performance Graph

    Shows the number of enquiries sent by day, and whether it was an email enquiry or other, and also if the user clicked on the Agent Details. Enquiry type is indicated by the colour legend.

  5. Performance Breakdown

    A more detailed breakdown of the Performance Summary.


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