Photos display sideways or upside down

Photos in my listing are displaying sideways or upside down

You can try fixing this by saving as a new file then re-uploading the images.

Are your images displaying sideways or upside down? This is most likely because the images were taken on an Apple device. The ‘orientation tags’ from the Apple device are not understood by the Windows/PC computer so they display the image on its side or upside down.

This can easily be fixed by re-saving the images and reloading them to the listing.

  1. Go to the image file on your computer, right click and ‘save as’ as new file.
  2. Upload the new files against the listing


If this doesn’t work you may need to open the image in Paint (PC), Preview (Mac) or any image editing tool, rotate the image so that it’s the right way around, then save and upload the image.

If you use a photographer let them know about the issue and request them to re-supply the image with the compatible orientation tags.

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