Covid-19: Hide and refresh listings on Allhomes

Can I hide my Allhomes listing if Covid-19 has impacted my listing campaign?

Sure thing, we can help with that. To have your listing hidden or refreshed due to the Covid-19 crisis send an email to

Allhomes would also like to assure you and your clients of our full support during these uncertain times. We’re passionate about supporting you and your vendors to secure the best results for their properties. That’s why we want to help provide you the flexibility to continue to run your business efficiently and drive market confidence for your clients.


As part of this support, we are extending the time a listing may be hidden from the public and relaunched to market for residential sale and rental listings:

    1. Sales and rental listings advertised between 1 August 2021 - 31 December 2021 are eligible for the hide and refresh campaign.
    2. Eligible listings will receive one complimentary refresh as a ‘new listing’.
    3. Eligible listings must be hidden and refreshed before 31 December 2021.


How long can a listing stay hidden?

Listings that are hidden must be relisted/refreshed by 31 December 2021.


The fine print

    • This offer applies to residential property sales / rental campaigns launched on Allhomes between 1 August 2021 and 31 December 2021.
    • Single residential properties only.
    • This offer is applicable for those listings that do not appear on other third party online channels while hidden on Allhomes.
    • Applies to listings that are refreshed with the same listing agent and agency. Transferred or 'new listings' listed under a different agent or agency will not qualify for the offer.


How do I hide or refresh my listing?

To have your listing hidden or refreshed as due to the Covid-19 crisis you must send an email to Please make sure to include the property's address.


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