Keep For Sale and Sold price undisclosed

How do I keep the For Sale price and Sold price of listings undisclosed?

To keep the For Sale and Sold price undisclosed you can hide the price via Agent Portal in the listings' Price section.

If you’re using a listing CRM to load your listings, you must make these changes using your CRM.

Any changes made in Agent Portal only will change back the next time we receive an update from your CRM. You may need to contact your CRM Support team to find out how to apply these changes using their system. 


To keep the Sold price undisclosed you will need to change the listings Price Shown setting before you set the listing as Sold.


Follow the steps below to ensure the For Sale price is not displayed on the listing.

To find a listing in Agent Portal see this article: Search for listings in Agent Portal


  1. Once you have logged in to Agent Portal and opened your listing, from the side menu under Listings click on Price


  2. Deselect (un-tick) the box next to Price Shown to Public


    Click Save

To find out how to enter a listing price see this article: Create A Listing in Agent Portal

To change a listing to Sold see this article: Update Listing To Sold Or Leased


 All done

Your listing on Allhomes should not display the price.



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