Not receiving property enquiries

I’m not receiving my Allhomes property enquiries 

There's a number of issues that could be preventing you from receiving your property enquiries. First, let's send a test enquiry, then check the agent's email and email settings.


Send a test email enquiry

  1. Find your listing on Allhomes and click Email.


  2. When you fill out your details, click Send me a copy of the enquiry, then click Send Enquiry


  3. Check your inbox. If you have not received the copy of the enquiry it would indicate that there is an issue. Contact Domain Group Support via the Support icon for further assistance.


Check your spam folder

Perhaps your inbox has detected your enquires as spam. Check in your spam folder to see if your enquires have ended up there. If so, mark these emails as 'not spam'.



Check listing agents email and settings

It's also worth checking to see if you are set up correctly as an agent and the correct email address and settings are in use.


Check the email address


IF USING A LISTING CRM, DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES TO NAME, PHONE NUMBER OR EMAIL. - Agent Admin uses the contact details to match agents in listings to the agents entered in the agent list. If there is even a slight difference, a duplicate agent will be created.

  1. Log in to Agent Portal and click My Agency


  2. Scroll down to the listing agent and click on their name, in the left column.


  3. Scroll down to Primary Email and Secondary Email. Check that these are correct and also check that Email Preferences is set/selected correctly.




Check the listing

Now let's check the listing. See this article on how to find your listing: Search for listings in Agent Portal

  1. Once you have found your listing go to the side menu and click on Property Details.


  2. Make sure the correct agent is entered as the Sales Agent.


    If you are still not receiving your Allhomes enquiries click the Support icon to contact Domain Group Support and we will investigate further.



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