Clone a listing on Allhomes

How can I clone a listing on Allhomes via Agent Portal?

Listings can be cloned from the Listings screen in Agent Portal.

Cloning listings can help save you time when you want to create a new listing using the details of a current listing. We’ll show you how to clone listings in Agent Portal


  1. Login to Agent Portal and find the listing that you want to clone. See this article for how to find a listing: Search for listings in Agent Portal

  2. Once you have found the listing you want to clone, click Clone


  3. Select the agents. Also select which elements of the listing you’d like to clone. Click Clone Listing


  4. Make edits to the listing using the Edit button and the left menu. Make sure to click Save on every page.


  5. When all changes have been saved, click Display To Public.


     All Done.

    Review the confirmation notice and click Display Listing to Public to confirm.



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