Transfer listings to another Allhomes account

I want to transfer property listings from one Allhomes account to another, or from a private advertiser.

Sounds good, however there’s a few things you need to know.


Listings can be transferred from one agency to another, or from a private advertiser to an agency. Listings cannot be transferred from an agency to a private advertiser.

To transfer listings the Principal of the agency releasing the listings must send an email to requesting for the listings to be transferred, also letting us know which agency they will be transferred to.

Listings cannot be transferred if the request is from the agency receiving the listings.

If the listings are being transferred from a private advertiser to an agency, the email request must be from the private lister, using the same email address associated with the listing.


Once the transfer is complete, DO NOT withdraw the listing. Doing so will cause listings to duplicate and will incur further charges.

Once transfers are complete listings will remain 'hidden' until they are sent live by the receiving agency

Once the listing is sent live, the receiving agency also has the option to pay for the listing to be refreshed.


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