Old listings still on Allhomes

Why do we still have old listings on Allhomes?

The most common reason for old listings to still be on Allhomes is when there has been a glitch with your CRM or Domain to Allhomes feed. Sometimes the update to remove a listing doesn’t get processed properly and the listing stays live on Allhomes.


Check your CRM

If you use a CRM system first make sure the listing is not still selected as a live listing for Allhomes.

This is important, because if the listing is still set as a live listing, and we remove the listing from Allhomes, we may receive a ‘refresh’ from the CRM system which will push the listing live again, and this will incur further listing charges.

Check your Domain Agent Admin account

Log in to Domain and check your stock-list to see if the listing has been removed. This article shows you how to check your listing's status on Domain: Listings not appearing in Domain search results - scroll down to 'Check listing status'


Remove the listing via Allhomes Agent Portal

If you’re sure that the listing has been removed from your CRM and your Domain account, log in to your Allhomes account and remove the listing. See this article for more details: Withdraw or archive a listing


Email Allhomes Support

If you don’t have access to Domain Agent Admin or Allhomes Agent Portal send an email to support@allhomes.com.au requesting for the listing to be removed.

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