Search for property on Allhomes

How can I search for property on Allhomes?

To search for a new home on, from the home page click Browse ACT then click on a region or suburb, or on the app tap the search bar then enter a suburb or region name.

We'll show you how to search for property on Allhomes.

I'm searching on the website I'm searching on the Allhomes app

  1. From the Allhomes home page, click Browse ACT.


  2. Click on a region heading to search for property in that region, or click on a suburb within that region.


  3. Alternatively, enter a suburb or region name into the search bar, and click the search icon.


  4. On the next screen you will see the search results of all listings in this region or suburb.


  5. You can refine your search by selecting property type, number of bedrooms, price, and more.


  6. Select 1 or more property types. Click Apply.


  7. You can enter a price range, or set minimum or maximum prices. Click Apply.


  8. You can select a range or an absolute number of bedrooms, bathrooms and parking. Click Apply.


  9. Only show properties that these options apply to. Tick or untick your preferred options and click Apply. Click Reset to clear all refinement settings.


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