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Can I advertise my property as a private landlord or vendor?

Yes. You can create a private listing in the My Listings section of

Allhomes provides a platform for individuals who would like to advertise residential listings for rent, sale or share without using a real-estate agent. If, at any point, you decide to get the professionals involved you can transfer your private sale or rental listing to an agency. Note: Commercial and Business for Sale listings are not available for private advertisers.

How much will it cost to place an ad?
How long will my listing be on Allhomes?


Once a property has sold, it is a requirement that the listing is marked as sold/leased and the sale/lease price is included.

Before you start:

Make sure you have your property description wording and all images saved and ready to go or you may be timed out of the listing, which will cause errors.

You must sign up for an Allhomes account and be logged in to start.


  1. Once logged signed in, click My Listings.


  2. Select which type of listing you’d like to create.


  3. Tick the checkbox next to 'I have read, and accept the Terms and Conditions'. Click Continue.

    Rental listings will be listed for 4 months and share listings will be listed for 45 days.

  4. Make sure your contact details are all correct. Click Edit to update your details.


  5. Edit any details and click Save.


  6. Once you’re happy with the contact details click Next.


  7. Enter your street address, select an address display option and click Search.

    Select your address from the list and click Next. If your address doesn't appear click Skip.

    If you select Hide street number or Hide number and name your listing will not appear in the map search.


  8. Make sure the property address and location are correct and click Confirm.


  9. Start entering property details.
    • Pricing details
    • Property type
    • Area
    • Attributes
    • Features
    • Energy rating


    Scroll down to enter auction details.


    Scroll down to enter a title and property description. Click Next.


  10. Enter your inspection times in the Exhibition Schedule screen. Click Add a New Exhibition.


    Enter the date, start and end time. Time must be entered as 24hour time, so an open home at 2:30pm would be entered as 14:30. Click Save.


    If you need to enter more inspection times click Add a New Exhibiiton and repeat the process.

  11. On the Manage Your Documents page you can add any documents, such as Contract for Sale or Energy Efficiency Rating report. Click Add a New Document, select the document from your computer then click Next.


  12. On the Manage Your Photos page you can upload your property photos. Click Add Files.

    Note: You can upload JPG or GIF files. The maximum file size is 3MB per photo and the maximum number of files per upload is 20. If your upload does not work, try uploading smaller files.


    Select photos and floorplan images from your computer then click Start Upload.


    Drag the photos into the order you want them. Click Next.


  13. On the next screen you’ll see a preview of your listing.


    Scroll down to the bottom and click Next.


  14. Enter you credit card details and click Pay.




Your listing is now online.




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