Update Status of Private Ads

I want to change my private listing to Sold, Leased or Under Offer

Sure thing. Once you’ve sold or rented your property, or once you’ve received an offer, you’ll want to change your listing to Sold, Leased or Under Offer.

You may also want to delete your ad if you didn’t sell it.

  1. Sign in to Allhomes and click My Listings from the top tools menu.


  2. Where your property appears, under the Status label, click + under offer, sold or leased.


  3. Click +under offer to set your property status to Under Offer. Click it again to remove the Under Offer status.

    Click Sold/Rented to set your property as sold/rented. Enter the sale/rental price and exchange date, then click Mark Sold/Rented.


    Your listing will stay here under My Listings in case you’d like to send it live again in the future.


Your property has now been sold or rented and will no longer appear on Allhomes.


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