Update or edit private ads on Allhomes

How can I update the details my private ad listing?

Yes. You can make changes to your private listing in the My Listings section of Allhomes.com.au.

Let’s take a look at how to make changes to your listing. We'll show you how to:

    1. Find and open your listing
    2. Update price, property description and features
    3. Update images and documents
    4. Change order of images
    5. Update inspections times and contacts
    6. Edit or change contact details
    7. Update address

If you’d like to change your private listing’s status to Sold or Leased see this articles for more details: Update Status of Private Ads

To get started, sign in to Allhomes and click My Listings from the top tools menu.


Better stick with the Allhomes desktop website for this one.
Although it's possible to access this page from various mobile devices, updating listings on a device is not officially supported or recommended.

Update price, property description and features
  1. Where your property appears, under the Action label click Edit.


  2. Make any required price, attributes, features or description changes.


  3. Click Save.

Update images & change order of images
  1. To add, remove or reorder images Click [add] next to Images under the Files label.

    For rental listings, click the number below the Images label.


  2. Click Add Files to select more images from your computer.


  3. The image preview will appear. Click Start Upload.


  4. On an image thumbnail click the X to remove any photos you don’t want.
    Drag images into the correct order.
    Click the dropdown menu to label the image.


  5. Click Done when everything has been updated.
Add or remove documents
  1. To update or remove documents, such as the property contract or energy certificate click [add] next to Documents.


  2. Click Add a New Document.


  3. Select a document type from the dropdown menu. Click Choose file and select a file from your computer. Click Save.


  4. The document will upload. Click Done.


  5. Click delete then Done to remove any documents.
Update inspections times and contacts
  1. Click Add exhibition below the Exhibitions label.


  2. Enter the date, start and end time and click Save.


  3. If you are having more open home inspections click Add a New Exhibition and repeat the process to enter all dates and times.


  4. Once your inspection times have been updated click Done.
Update contacts
  1. Click Manage contacts.


  2. Click edit or Add new contact.


  3. Enter the correct details and click Save then click Done.


  4. To select a different contact for the listing click Edit under the Action label.


  5. Scroll down to the bottom left. Under Contact Person, select from the drop down and click Save.

Update address

If you need to make any changes to your address contact Domain Group support via the Support icon during business hours.



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