Block information on Allhomes listings

What is the Block information and where does it come from?

Block information is land data such as block size, land value, zoning and other info related to a property.

All listings on Allhomes (Sale and Rental, houses and apartments) now show ‘Block information’ just below the map location, so that property searchers can get a good idea of the property’s perimeter, as well as other useful information.


How does Allhomes get Block information?

The property and perimeter information you see in Block Information comes from data we receive from Public Sector Mapping Agency (PSMA) and ACT Government’s ACTmapi services. Data is imported from these services annually and used to form the Block information displayed on Allhomes listings.

How is Block information added to a listing?

When a listing is created on Allhomes our database will find the address and link the block information we have for that address.

My listings’ Block information is wrong. Can it be updated?

The information displayed in Block information is linked to our database and can’t be updated or edited, neither manually nor via your listings feed.

If you find a listing with incorrect Block information contact Domain Group Support via the Support icon in the bottom right corner. We’ll hide the Block information for that listing until the next time we receive a data import from our sources.

In some cases we may be able to fix wrong information, and will definitely do so where possible.

Can Block information be removed or de-activated?

Block information can only be removed if it’s showing incorrect data. It will automatically be displayed again when receive our next data import.

Block information is not being displayed on my listing.

If your listing is not showing Block information it’s because either the listing is not linked to a valid street address, so our database can’t find the info for that parcel of land, or we haven’t received the data (cadastral) for that address, so it can’t be linked.

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