Create a listing in Agent Portal

How can I create a new listing manually via Agent Portal?

To add a new listing, log in to Agent Portal. In the top right click Quick Links then Create Sale Listing or click My Sales then Create Listing.

Great! Let’s get started. We’ll show you how to create a new Allhomes listing using Agent Portal.

If you are creating a new development child listing see this article.


Only start creating a new listing if you are ready for the listing to go live on the same day.

There are many components which are based off the ‘date created’ date which cannot be altered.

  • These components include (but are not limited to):
  • Listing ‘new’ tags,
  • ‘Home alert’ programming
  • Number of days on market
  • Other agent/agency reporting stats
  • Any auto-upgrade settings 

An agent can create their own listings, or a team member with ‘Office Manager’ or ‘PA’ access can create listings on behalf of an agent.

Agent Portal may stall or time out if you take more than 20 minutes to complete your listing. If you find that you are unable to complete the whole listing within 20 minutes, you may wish to complete the listing in stages making sure to ‘save’ as you go, however the listing must be completed and sent live on the same day.


Before creating a new listing, make sure any agents to be assigned to the listing are already loaded into the Current Staff list. See this article for more details: Add or edit staff members on Agent Portal

Log in to Agent Portal and click My Sales then click Create Listing. For this example we’ll be creating a sale listing. If you’re creating a rental listing, click My Rentals.




1. Get started

Start creating the listing by entering/selecting the following info:

  • Select the listing type: Residential, Commercial or Business
  • If there will be a second agent, select them from the drop-down menu



  • Enter address details. Start entering suburb and street name, then select.
  • Select whether you want to display the full address or part of the address.
  • Select the property type: House, apartment, etc.
  • Click Save

Make sure to enter the street name and street number in their correct boxes, or the map location may not appear correctly.




Note: If the suburb also has a ‘vanity suburb’ or ‘also known as’ it will show another option ‘Advertised In Suburb’. You can select this and the listing will also appear in searches for that suburb name.


If there are more than 1 land details for a property, select the correct one. Click Save.

If this page does not appear, the system has automatically selected the correct block.



Your listing has now officially been created, however we need to complete the listing.

Your listing will have some information pre-populated by the Land Details Information we selected.

If you are creating the listing for another agent, change the Sales Agent on the next screen.

Click the Sales Agent drop-down menu, select the correct agent and click Save and Next



2. Enter the price or sale type

Next, click Price from the left menu


Selling as a Private Treaty:

Select Private Treaty and enter your price into the Price box on the left. Select Offers Above if you want the listing to be advertised as an ‘Offers Above’ listing. This will display a + next to the price when advertised.

If you are selling the listing with a price range, enter the TO price on the right. Do not select the ‘Offers Above’ option.

To sell By Negotiation, leave all the price boxes completely blank, the system will automatically display it as ‘By Negotiation’ on the public site.



Selling as an Auction:

Select Auction. Click the Calendar icon and select your date, then enter the time (24 hour time).

Do not enter a price.



Note: Expressions of Interest and Tenders must have an end date and time. if you choose this sale type, enter the details the same way as the Auction time.

Click on Save and Next to proceed to the next step - Marketing Details.


3. Enter the property details and marketing details

Enter the number bedrooms, bathrooms and car spaces. If there are any that do not apply, leave the box empty, rather than adding a ‘0’ or ‘N/A’.


Click Edit next to ‘House Options’, ‘Fittings and Features’, ‘Garden’ and ‘Location features’ to select any property features that apply.


Scroll down to enter a headline, property description and energy efficiency rating.


Phone numbers, website links and email addresses are not permitted in the headline or description. Entering any of these in the description is a breach of our terms and conditions.



Click Save and Next to start adding photos


4. Upload photos

On the next screen click Add Photos



Your photos will be saved either in a folder on your computer, or on the ‘desktop’. Go to the location on your computer where your photos are, select all the photos you’d like to use, and drag them into the photo manager.

Click Start Upload



Once images have loaded click Save Photos to Listing



Read the agreement and click continue.


On the next screen you can drag images into the correct order, set one of the images as floorplan, add captions or delete photos. Click Save.


From here on we’ll be using the left menu to complete the listing.


5. Property video

In this guide, from here we’ll be using the left menu to complete the listing.

To upload a video, click Video from the left menu, then click Add Video



If you have a video hosted on Youtube or Vimeo, you can enter the link into the video ID box and click Save Video.

There is the functionality to upload the video file to the listing but it’s recommended to host the video on Youtube or Vimeo and use the link.



Click Save




6. Virtual Tour

To enter a Virtual Tour, click on Virtual Tour from the left menu.

Choose your Virtual Tour host/provider from the dropdown menu. Enter the link into the Tag ID box and click Save.



7. Marketing flyers

To upload marketing flyers click Marketing Flyers from the left menu.



Select your template.

Select three images and three floor plans by dragging them into the Select Photos box. Click Save PDF to Listing.



8. Open for inspection times 

To enter your open for inspection times, click on Open For Inspection from the left menu.

Click the Calendar icon and select your date, then enter the time (24 hour time). Click Save.


9. Preview your listing and send live 

If you’d like to see what your listing will look like, click Preview from the left menu.

Once you’re happy with the listing click Push To Website. Your listing will be live within 5 minutes.



If you have any feedback about this article please let us know in the comments.
If you need further assistance from our Support Team contact us via the Support icon during business hours.

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