Transfer or move listings

How can I transfer, merge or move listings?

You can request for listings to be transferred to another agent or account via our Listing Transfer Request form.

If you're a Private Advertiser, or the Principal of the agency releasing the listings complete the Listing Transfer Request form and our Support team will get things started, however, there are a few things you need to know.

Note: It is not possible to transfer from an agency to a Private Advertiser.

  • All transfer requests between agencies must have been approved by both the From and To agencies.
  • All transfer requests between a private advertiser and an agency must have been approved by both the Private Advertiser and the receiving agency.
  • Evidence in written form must accompany your listing transfer request showing both parties agreeing to the transfer.
  • We cannot transfer the assigned agent details. This will need to be manually re-selected by the receiving agency after they have been transferred. You may do this via your CRM or Agent Portal.
  • Before the transfer request date is reached, all listings should be in the receiving agency's CRM and any listings no longer required can  be archived in Agent Portal.
  • Ensure that you and your CRM follow all instructions provided by Allhomes Support carefully and correctly to avoid double charging and/or duplicate listings. Although we ensure, within our control, to mitigate such an event occurring, we strongly suggest that you monitor the next billing cycle along with your stocklist.
  • Listings can also be transferred from one agent to another within the same agency.

Once the transfer is complete, DO NOT withdraw the listing. Doing so will cause listings to duplicate and will incur further charges.

Once transfers are complete listings will remain 'hidden' until they are sent live by the receiving agency

Once the listing is sent live, the receiving agency also has the option to pay for the listing to be refreshed.


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