Create a New Development Project

How do I create and set up my project on Allhomes?

You can access your project under My Sales in Agent Portal.

Once you have received confirmation that your project has been set up by our New Developments team, you can continue to create your project via Agent Portal.

We’ll show you how to get started with your project on Allhomes.

Our New Developments team will create the project and listings, then it's time to log in to Agent Portal and bring your project to life by adding in all the information & media.

Before starting, make sure:
    1. The agents for the project and listings have already been loaded into Agent Portal
    2. You have your images and video links ready to go
    3. You have all other content and copy ready
    4. You have received confirmation from the Allhomes New Developments team that your project has been set up and you can now complete the new development child listings


Let’s start setting up your project and new dev child listings.

Project setup
      1. Log in to Agent Portal and click My Sales.


      2. Click New Development.


      3. Select your project.


      4. Enter details in the Information section.


        Most of this information should already have been input by Allhomes New Devs team, however it’s important to double check the details.

        Development Name: The Development Name will already be entered.

        Development Website: Searchers can visit your website when they click the ‘Development Website’ button on your project listing.

        Project Email: This address will be CC’d on enquiries that go to the assigned agent.
        CRM Project ID: If you want to manage your project via your CRM, they may provide you with an ID, depending on if they support it.

        Domain Project ID: If you have the same project on Domain you may wish to use this is for SENDING info to a project on Domain. Allhomes does not receive project info from Domain.

        Tagline: This will already have been entered by Allhomes New Developments team.

        Hidden from Public: Do not untick this until you’ve completed your new development child listings.

        Header Background Colour: Change this to the background colour of your logo by entering the hex-code value. Click the drop-down then enter the hex-code in the bottom field. Click choose.

        Header Text Colour: This is obsolete.


      5. Check the address. This should have already been entered and checked by our New Developments team, however if not, enter the correct address details.

      6. Select the agent from the Agent dropdown menu. A profile for the agent must have already been created before starting.


      7. Enter and select Development Details and enter a description.

        Stage: If you have multiple stages you can use this field.

        Developer / Builder info: If you want to show the developer and builder, select the state they are in, then select their name from the dropdown menu. If you can’t find your builder or developer in the list, contact Allhomes New Devs team to create a profile. This is not mandatory, so we can come back later to update.

        Description: Enter the project description. This will be visible on the project listing below the main image.


      8. Click Add Open Time to enter OFI times.

        Select the days and enter the times. Times must be entered in 24 hour format, with a colon between the hours and minutes (HH:MM). Eg: 15:00.


        To add more OFI times click Add Open Time again. You can add as many as you like.


      9. Upload your logo, images and video links.

        You can upload your logo and images in the Media section. You’ll need to have these already saved on your desktop.

        Click Browse then select the image from your computer.


        If you have a Youtube or Vimeo video link to enter, click Cloud then enter the link. If you have an mp4, upload it by clicking File.

        Note: Links to Youtube and Vimeo always work much better than uploading a video file.

        Enter the link and click Save in the pop-up window.


      10. Click Save in the bottom right corner.


        Now, let’s get your new development child listings set up. Your child listings should have already been set up, however if you can’t see your child listings, you’ll need to request them to be created via our Allhomes New Developments team.

Listings Setup
      1. Scroll to the top navigation menu and click My Sales.


      2. Click on the first listing you’d like to set up. If you can’t see your listings, type your project’s name into the Quick Find menu.


        Do not click Create Listing or you will be charged for a single residential listing, outside of your project listing subscription.


      3. Click Edit in the Property Details section.


      4. Make sure the correct agent and property type has been selected using the dropdown menus. Click Save and Next.


      5. In the left side menu click Price. Select your sale type and enter a price or price range. Select Offers Above if you want to advertise as ‘offers above $xxx’. Select Price Shown to Public if you want to display the sale price. Click Save and Next.


      6. Add in all the applicable information for your new development listing.
        - Enter the floor area
        - Enter a value for Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Garage Spaces
        - Select features by clicking Edit next to House Options, Fittings and Features, Garden and Location.


        Enter a value for EER.


        This is a compulsory field for ACT listings. If this field is not entered, then the listing will not feed to Domain.

        Edit the Advertising Title if required. This will appear on your listing above the property description.

        Enter an Advertising Description. This will be the property description that searchers read on the listing.

        Enter any other applicable information in the appropriate fields.

        Click Save and Next.


        The Advertising Title will appear above the description.


      7. Next, let’s add the floor plan and some images in the Photos section. Click Add Photos.


        Open the folder on your computer where your photos are saved. Select the images you want to upload and drag them into the uploader.


      8. Once the files have validated, click Start Upload, then once you see the uploaded photos, click Save Photos to Listing.


      9. Drag the photos into the correct order.


        Under your floorplan thumbnail, click Mark as Floor Plan. If you don’t do this the listing will not have a Floor plan button. Click Save and Next.


      10. To add a video, click Add Video then enter your Youtube or Vimeo link and click Save Video to Listing. If you have an mp4, upload it by clicking Choose File.

        Note: Links to Youtube and Vimeo always work much better than uploading a video file.


      11. Click Save and Next.


        There are a few optional sections that have not been covered in this article:
        Marketing Flyers ... and more
        These are not essential for your listing to go live and look amazing, however these options are covered in this article: Create a listing in Agent Portal 

      12. We need to repeat this process for all the other new development child listings for the project.

        Click My Sales in the top navigation menu to find the other listings and complete them also.


        Go back to Listing Setup; step 2 and follow the steps again until all listings have been set up.

      13. Now that we have our project and new development child listings all set up, it’s time to send everything live. By now, you would have received a ‘preview URL’ from Allhomes New Devs team. Once you’re happy with everything in your project, reply to their email confirming the project can be made visible to the public.

 All Done!

Our New Devs team will make your project and child listings visible on Allhomes, and send you a link to the live project on Allhomes.

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