Create a New Development Project

How do I create and set up my project on Allhomes?

Start creating your new development project via the My Sales page in Agent Portal.

We’ll show you how to get started with your new project on Allhomes.

Once you have signed your project profile subscription contract, our New Developments team will set up the new development in Agent Portal. Once you’ve received confirmation then it's time to log in to Agent Portal acting on behalf of the listing agent for the project and bring your project to life by adding in all the information & media.

Before starting, make sure:
    1. The agent profiles for the project and listings have already been loaded into Agent Portal
    2. You have your images, floorplans and video links ready to go
    3. You have all other content and copy ready


Make sure you have the following details and images ready to go:

Project details and info

    1. Tagline (80 characters max)
    2. Description/Ad copy
    3. Key selling points

Visual assets

      1. Project Logo: 120(w) x 42(h) px JPEG/JPG, GIF
      2. Project Thumbnail Image: 234(w) x 273(h)px JPEG/JPG, GIF
      3. Hero Image: 1920(w) x 1296(h) px OR 1920(w) x 560px(h) JPEG/JPG
      4. Photos (for child listings) - 1920(w) x 1080px(h) - Full HD - JPEG/JPG
      5. Project colour code/hex value - Optional
      6. Video (Youtube or Vimeo link) - Optional
      7. Brochure PDF - Optional

Where do these assets appear?

Any additional agent’s details should already be created in Allhomes Agent Portal.

Pro tip:

Name the files of your logos and photos as per the names above or as per the dimensions. It will make it easier to upload later on.


Changes made do not auto-save and must be saved by clicking Save at the bottom of the page. Make sure you have all your details and images ready before starting so you can enter everything in one go. Your page may time out if left idle for long periods.


Let’s start setting up your project!


    1. Log in to Agent Portal and click My Sales.


    2. Click New Development.


    3. Select your project.


    4. Enter details in the Information section.

      Development Website: Searchers can visit your website when they click the ‘Development Website’ button on your project listing.

      Project Email: This address will be CC’d on enquiries that go to the assigned agent.
      CRM Project ID: If you want to manage your project via your CRM, they may provide you with an ID, depending on if they support it.

      Domain Project ID: If you have the same project on Domain you may wish to use this is for SENDING info to a project on Domain. Allhomes does not receive project info from Domain.

      Tagline: This will already have been entered by Allhomes New Developments team.

      Hidden from Public: Do not untick this until you’ve completed your new development child listings.

      Header Background Colour: Change this to the background colour of your logo by entering the hex-code value. Click the drop-down then enter the hex-code in the bottom field. Click choose.


    5. Check agent details.

      At least 1 agent should have been entered and selected by our New Devs team.

      Select your agents from the dropdown menu to change or add a 2nd agent. A profile for the agent must have already been created before starting.

      Select Copy agent details to sale listings if you want these agents added to all child listings.


    6. Enter and select Development Details and enter a description.

      Developer / Builder info: If you want to show the developer and builder, select the state they are in, then select their name from the dropdown menu. If you can’t find your builder or developer in the list, contact Allhomes New Devs team to create a profile. This is not mandatory, so we can come back later to update.

      Description: Enter the project description or marketing text. This will be visible on the project listing below the main image. Our New Devs team will have entered 'PLACEHOLDER TEXT' when creating the project, so you’ll want to change this.


    7. Click Add Open Time to enter OFI times.

      Select the days and enter the times. Times must be entered in 24 hour format, with a colon between the hours and minutes (HH:MM). Eg: 15:00.


      To add more OFI times click Add Open Time again. You can add as many as you like.

      Note: Times added in this section will copy across to all child listings. 


    8. Upload your logo, images and video links.

      You can upload your logo and images in the Media section. You’ll need to have these already saved on your desktop.

      The media you’ll need for this section are:
      >  Project Logo: 120 x 42 px JPEG/JPG, GIF
      >  Hero Image: 1920 x 1296 px OR 1920 x 560px JPEG/JPG
      >  Project Thumbnail Image: 234 x 273px JPEG/JPG, GIF
      >  Development Video: Link to video

      Click Browse then select the image from your computer.


      If you have a Youtube or Vimeo video link to enter, click Cloud then enter the link. If you have an mp4, upload it by clicking File.

      Note: Links to Youtube and Vimeo always work much better than uploading a video file.

      Enter the link and click Save in the pop-up window.


      On the project listing, the logo will appear in the top banner and the hero image will be the main image you see.


    9. Click Save in the bottom right corner.


    10. To preview your project, scroll to the top and click Preview from the side menu. Your project details page will appear within the preview page. This is how your project will appear online.


      Now, let’s get your new development child listings set up

      Click here if you're setting up a new project on Domain.


Your new development project has been created.

If you have any feedback about this article please let us know in the comments.
If you need further assistance from our Support Team contact us via the Support icon during business hours.

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