Change Early Access alert to For Sale listing

How can I update my Early Access off-market sale to an on-market sale listing?

You can transform your Early Access alert to a residential sale listing in Agent Portal via the My Sales page, or via your Listings CRM.

We’ll show you how to change your off-market Early Access sale to an on-market For Sale listing.


I’m using Agent Portal I’m using my Listing CRM

  1. Log in to Agent Portal. Click My Sales and find your Early Access property. Click the property address to open.


  2. Click Property Details from the side menu.


  3. Click Residential Sales under Listing Type then click Save at the bottom of the screen.


  4. Use the side menu on the left to complete the required details for a residential sale listing; Marketing details, photos, inspection time, etc as per the normal process of creating a listing.

    Follow the steps in this article to complete your listing and then click Display to Public.




Your Early Access alert has now been transformed to a For Sale listing.

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